I'm Melon. 22. I make art.
Aberystwyth University.
Things i've done and things that inspire me..
I am in a strange limbo of my life at the moment in which everywhere feels so temporary.

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Malwa Grabowska
Feeling lost without any projects on the go at the moment so here is a really over edited self portrait. I’m looking very boyish today.
Pinhole is my best friend.
My eyes are in the branches by Birgit Zartl


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Bill Brandt

Ray Metzker / Chicago neg. from 1959 (printed 1989)
Ray Metzker “Discontented with the single, fixed frame image…my work has moved into something of the composite, of collected and related moments…  Where photography has been primarily a process of selection and extraction, I wish to investigate the possibilities of synthesis”.
click to see more / (current show at Getty closes in Feb. ‘13)

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The Rain.
Oh, my heart.