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Nicole & Georgia on Flickr.
Via Flickr: -“Can I take your photo”? -“nah” -“what about your shadows”? -“Ok” Shot in Newtown

I just remembered being fascinated by two mens feet whilst sat on the tube in London last week but being too terrified to photograph them because i have no idea how to photograph a complete stranger.

Do i ask them first?

What if i asked them and they moved their feet and i couldn’t get them back to the way they were?

What if i don’t ask them and they shout at me?


In this project, Time, John Clang photographs pedestrian traffic along the city streets of New York at various times. He then tears multiple photographs into strips, akin to the pieces of a broken mirror, and then puts them together into a single frame. By combining split seconds into one moment he confronts issues of intimacy among crowds of strangers.

(via teachingliteracy)