I'm Melon. 22. I make art.
Things i've done and things that inspire me.

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I did this to my hair this morning and then quickly took it down because i realised it bears resemblance to Miley Cyrus being gross. But i looked frickin chickin cute, so when all this hoohah over her dies down i’m guna rock this shit, erryday.
I’m learning how to do pretty things with my hair! I feel so girly :3
1950s Callum Harris.
My new a lot shorter hair.
When it is straight it looks like i should have been in Hanson.

I really want to be able to sell some art, but i don’t feel that my work is strong enough. I don’t think i have a particular style that can represent me, i just sort of mess around with different stuff. I don’t even know where i’d start. I don’t even think anyone would actually be interested.

If you are interested, could you let me know? Maybe i just need a confidence boost.