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Film Photography Submission By: xinhui.xu

Through the clouds
Camera : Holga 120N + Shanghai GP3 into Kodak Xtol.
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антон лаба

I just remembered being fascinated by two mens feet whilst sat on the tube in London last week but being too terrified to photograph them because i have no idea how to photograph a complete stranger.

Do i ask them first?

What if i asked them and they moved their feet and i couldn’t get them back to the way they were?

What if i don’t ask them and they shout at me?


We’ve rounded up 5 amazing photographers who have mastered the art of the double exposure silhouette.

Top to bottom, left to right:

If you’re feeling inspired, check out our tips for shooting double exposures. Post them on Tumblr with the tag #photojojo, and we’ll post our faves 7/13!

Tips for Shooting Double Exposure Portraits